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What is a Premier Ranger?

premier ranger

The Premier Ranger is a new concept in personal mobility.  A 4-wheel EV vehicle uniquely suited to a conquer a variety of terrain conditions, it can be driven standing or seated.

Where are these Manufactured?

Premier Ranger is currently Manufactured in Connecticut, Florida, and Georgia. We are currently expanding our locations.

Where does the name Ranger come from?

The name Ranger was derived by the general meanings, Wanderer, Rover, one of a body of organized men who range over a region. It pays tribute to our Military First Responders. The word “Ranger” “We can take on any terrain.”

Does the Premier Ranger come in Different Models?

We are offering three different models:  the Ranger LW, Ranger HD.

What do the names LW and HD mean

  • LW = lightweight
  • HD = heavy duty

Ranger HD Specifications

  • Weight: HD 286 LB (130kg)
  • Height: HD 53” (135cm), Folded 29.5” (75cm)
  • Width: HD 29” (74cm)
  • Length: HD 67” (170cm)
  • Battery: 60V 1740w/h
  • Motor: 4x1200w
  • Max Speed 28 MPH (45 KPH)
  • Max range: 50 Miles (80 KM)
  • Max Payload: 440 (200 kg)
  • Suspension Travel F/R: 20” (50cm)

Ranger LW Specifications

  • Weight: LW 210 LB (95kg)
  • Height: LW 50” (127cm), Folded 26” (64cm)
  • Width: LW 26” (66.5cm)
  • Length: LW 63.5” (161cm)
  • Battery: 60V 1740w/h
  • Motor: 2x1200w
  • Max Speed 25 MPH (40 KPH
  • Max range: 25 Miles (40 KM)
  • Max Payload: 375lb (170 kg)
  • Suspension Travel F/R: 20” (50cm)

Top Speed: Ranger can travel at a speed of 28 MPH, 45KMH, subject to local regulations.

Max Range: Depending on the model, The Premier Ranger can travel up to 50 miles (80 km). Road and grade conditions, payload and driver skill can all affect actual performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does the Battery last?The relevant measure of battery performance in an electric vehicle is range.
2. Can you operate in the rain?Yes, the Ranger is designed for driving in the rain, subject to road conditions.  It should not be driven in water deeper than 6” inches (15 cm, or half of the wheel height.
3. How does the Ranger differ from a standard TV or side by side?Ranger is a smaller, more lightweight, four-wheel electric vehicle that provides easy and safe mobility in both city and off-road conditions. With our state of the art suspension system together with a low center of gravity give it unparalleled safety and stability.
4. Can I Drive the Ranger both in the city and off road?Yes, Ranger is a fully collapsible personal mobility vehicle. You can easily fold the vehicle and stow it. 
5. How long does it take to charge?Charge time for the Ranger battery is 3 to 5 hours, depending on the model.
6. Do you take the battery out to charge?No, the battery does not have to be removed. There is external socket to connect the charger directly to the provided charging unit.
7. How old do you have to be to operate a Ranger?Minimum driving age is subject to local regulations.
8. Is a Helmet required to operate the Ranger?The use of a helmet is subject to local regulation.  To ensure maximum safety, Premier encourages its users to wear a helmet whenever driving.
9. Is the Ranger capable of driving on paved roads?Roads use us subject to local regulations.
10. How can I store my Ranger?Rangers’ small size and light weight make it suitable for a variety of storage solutions.
Its collapsible structure means it can fit into unconventional spaces.
11. Can you park the Ranger on the Street?Like any vehicle, the Premier Ranger can be parked on the street, at the sole responsibility of the owner.
12. Can you install a GPS device on the Ranger to prevent theft?You can install a GPS device on the vehicle.  Please consult your local Ranger distributor.  For the warranty to remain in effect the device must be installed by an authorized professional.
13. Why is the Price Point set?The Ranger is the result of a dedicated and skilled planning and design team using the highest quality materials available. The result we have is an EV vehicle in a class of its own.
14. Can I Finance my Premier Ranger?Yes, see your local Premier Custom Carts Representative for more information.
15. What colors can I choose?Currently the Ranger is available in green or black.
16. What is the Delivery Lead Time for a Premier Ranger?To obtain delivery times, please contact your Premier Ranger representative.
17. Can I carry a Passenger on my Premier Ranger?Carrying passengers is subject to local regulations.
18. Do I have to purchase insurance for my Ranger?Insurance requirements are subject to local regulations.
19. Where can I have my Ranger serviced?To view a list of authorized service centers near you, contact your local Premier Ranger Dealer.
20. How often should I complete routine service on my Ranger?For maintenance instructions, please consult the user manual.
21. Do I need a Yearly Inspection for my Ranger?Vehicle inspection requirements are subject to local regulation.
22. Can I complete the routine maintenance on my Ranger myself?One of the best features of the Ranger is the ease of design. The engineering design allows for accessibility and allows for intuitive learning, so that you can easily identify, and correct problems should they arise.  In most cases you can carry out basic maintenance functions by yourself.  Repairs to the mechanical, electrical, and steering systems must be made by an authorized professional.
23. If I have a technical question regarding my Ranger, who can I Contact?You have several options.  Consult the user manual, contact the main service center in
your area, or send us an email at the following address:
24. Can I wash my Premier Ranger?Clean your vehicle in accordance with instructions in the user manual. Do not wash the upper part of the vehicle where the control switch is located, clean the upper part with a damp cloth or disposable wipes. The rest of the vehicle can be washed with water using a high-pressure washer from a distance of at least one and a half meters.
25. I washed my Ranger, and the Throttle is not working, what can I do?Dry the throttle with high pressure air.
26. I am off road, and my battery is running out, what can I do?The best way to conserve the battery is to ride at low speed, easy on the throttle.
27. What is the Warranty Period?Your warranty is in force for a period of 12 months from delivery, please contact your
local dealer for more info.
28. Can I fix my Ranger under the terms of the Warranty?Yes, as long as you sell it within 12 months of the original purchase.
30. Does the Warranty include the transportation cost of my Ranger?No, you must bring the vehicle to the service center by yourself.
31. I want to install accessories on my Ranger.Consult with a qualified service center. Premier does not install accessories (beside the accessories on our list), and the warranty does not cover them. Damage incurred by the vehicle during the installment of accessories may void the warranty.
32. Can I purchase Spare Parts for my Ranger directly from Premier?Yes.  For the warranty to remain in force, you must purchase only original parts from the
authorized dealer who sold you the vehicle, or from an authorized service center.


Premier Ranger is an electric, light weight vehicle that creates a new category of personal mobility in all-terrain riding, giving the rider complete control with minimum training. The simple and unique design allows for easy maintenance.

The Premier Ranger HD is a heavy duty 4×4 version with impressive capabilities, even in extreme conditions. The driving range of this vehicle is the longest in its category, reaching up to 50 miles on a single charge and it carries a heavy load over sandy and rocky terrain.

Premier Ranger HD possesses a variety of applications that can be utilized in several uses such as, Personal Mobility, Tourism, Agriculture, Hunting, Search & Rescue, Military, Paramilitary, Campus Security, Parking & Traffic Enforcement, Extreme Fun, etc…

Premier Ranger LW a unique light weight design vehicle which provide unparalleled urban and

extreme riding while preserving the environment with its quiet operation, zero emissions, reaching up to 25 miles on a single charge.

Maximum Advantages at an affordable price:

  • Intuitive, driver friendly EV that can be operated, sitting, or standing.
  • Compact and easily foldable for transport.
  • Precise and simple handling.
  • Smart and powerful controllers.
  • 4-wheel standing-position electric ATV.
  • Floating independent suspension system.
  • Accurate & consecutive steering system.
  • Low Center of gravity for safe operation.
  • Unique ground clearance and vehicle angles.
  • Can function in extreme temperatures and conditions.


The Premier Ranger is designed for everything that nature can throw at you. Sand dunes, rocks, and steep, mountain inclines. All models designed and built for the sheer thrill of driving, on or off road.


Easy, Simple, and low cost.


The Rangers Low center of gravity coupled with independent suspension, four-wheel drive provides maximum safety and stability.


The overall design is innovative, advanced, and robust, provided all features are easily accessible.

Length: 170 CM / 67”
Width: 74 CM / 29”
Height: 135 CM / 53”
Height Folded: 75 CM / 30”
Estimated Dry Weight: 130 KG / 280 LB
Payload: 441 LB (200 KG)
Ground Clearance: 9.6” (24.4 CM )
Approach Degree: 90
Departure Degree: 90
Tires: 22/7-10
Max Speed: Up to 25-28 mph (40-45 Km/hr)
Max Range: 50 Miles (80 km)


The Premier Ranger establishes a new and innovative approach in personal mobility, placing state of the art technology right in your hands. The Premier Ranger is much more than an off-road EV, the Ranger is a fresh design, with an innovative concept in maneuverability. The Premier Ranger intuitive design makes this easy to operate. Our fully electric ATV is designed for use in both city driving and off road trails. Of the many Features in the Ranger, All Wheel drive (AWD), hub motors that have direct wheel transmission that provide energy efficiency capability and more payload capacity than vehicles twice vehicle weight. All of this is manufactured into an innovative and simple design.

AWD Drive, 4-wheel transmission hub motors. Direct feed provides torque to each wheel providing maximum output and efficiency.

Completely functional EV Controller provides a smooth and efficient driving experience.

With our regenerative braking, the Ranger captures the kinetic energy from the EV motion to recharge the battery.

Ranger is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for each wheel, coupled with brake handles for increased safety and control.

Advanced Lithium-ion battery. 60V, with high capacity 1740 W-hr \ 2700 W-hr.

Innovative independent suspension provides long distance travel to take on a variety of road conditions while providing increased maneuverability.

The Premier Ranger is designed to handle twice its weight with a max payload of 441lb.

Premier Custom Carts
Premier Custom Carts


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